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Yellowbelly's 2004 release, "Bad Foot Down" has received critical acclaim and is a must for your music collection. Read about the album here, then download and listen to complete mp3s here. Make sure to also check out the tracks from Yellowbelly's 2003 debut album, “Start All Over.” Finally, order your own copy of both records here!

While Yellowbelly is on touring hiatus, Steve Hahn has teamed up with good friend Chris Gonzalez and the Dirt Blazers while writing and doing solo work on the side.  As a new member of the Dirt Blazers, he'll be recording in the coming months and playing live shows when there are breaks in the studio action.

Please follow and bookmark this link to learn more about the Dirt Blazers:  We also invite you to join the Dirt Blazers mailing list to get periodic updates on the recording session and live shows!

Yellowbelly - Texas Music
Online Radio is proving to be an excellent source for exposure for independent artists. YB is featured on numerous sites, including Texas Music Theater Radio, TOSSM Music Radio and Gruene with Envy Radio.

To view an exclusive TOSSM Music interview with Yellowbelly's lead singer Steve Hahn, click here.

Have you heard about Yellowbelly Acoustic? It's about breaking down the music to its essentials - acoustic guitars, rich vocals, and the stories behind the songs. Look for Yellowbelly Acoustic at venues where it's the music that really matters.

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