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"Central Texas four-piece Yellowbelly just likes to have a good time, and that shows in its music.  Its second CD, Bad Foot Down , is full of laid back rootsy rock songs that go well with an afternoon drive."
Quick (8/05)
published by The Dallas Morning News

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Come On Home!

Great drum intro! Your vocals sound good - a delightful country pop song. The slide guitar is awesome! Very classy and tasteful...the guitar break - rockin'! The bass player sure knows his stuff! Great feeling, song: I think I'm gonna come on home!

Breath of fresh air
A strong, country influenced tune that reminds me of Giant Sand or Calexico. Drum intro leaves you wondering what to expect - so it's a pleasant surprise when this acoustic lead treat breaks through. Special mentions for great drum and bass work and, of course, the slide makes the track…the first on GB I'd willingly buy.

Twanging it up

I just listened to Glen Phillips of Toad the Wet Sprocket - this sounds right like that stuff. I like the sound. Fun song, upbeat, good voice, nice work. A little twangy too, which makes it nice. (9/04)

Reviews of She's Got Me at

Great Feel

This song describes the feeling we all get when we find the one. Great acoustic sound. Loud and strong…lyrics are great, they tell a great story that we can all relate to. Arrangement is cool, everything balances out…I dig the feel of this tune!

The intro shows the versatility of your instrumental talents
This is incredible music. I'm really enjoying this. I hate country and I like this. That means that you have other genres intertwined into this whole deal…Go you for making a well produced, well thought out lyrically, and just talented performance.

Rock Vocal meets Traditional Country Band
Wow, what a great acoustic sound at the intro - very tasty. Love the steel guitar. Some pro's at work here. This is a really interesting lead vocal, very original when set against a country track. Good hook. Nicely done! (2/04)

"Yellowbelly is a Texas foursome doubting between their roots (rock) and country in their recent debut album. This is OK because the voice of singer Steve Hahn can handle both. With soft, husky/hoarse strokes he sparkles in musical root rock songs [such] as the opener "Feeling Back" and the following "Down the Line." But equally good is the splendid tribute to Rusty Wier (and Texas ) "Carry the Flame", the…country beauty "Dumb, But Slow," and the story song "Counting the Days" which comes alive through its fine accordion work." (7/03)

"True vocals and a hard line rhythm can be heard throughout Start All Over....It does have more of a rock flair to it, but that's all right. There not that far from country music either, they just have that rockin' edge to their music....If you like your music with a little edge to it, give this one a try..."
Texas Music Movement (6/03)

"...The debut album, Start All Over, from Yellowbelly is as unique as their band name. The musical styling of the album is as diverse as those styles separating Texas from Nashville (musically speaking of course.)...So as these guys start all over, don't hesitate to go out and catch one of their shows. These guys pour their heart and soul into the music and it's apparent that they love what they're doing..."
Texas Troubadours (5/03)

"...The buzz around this band of Dallas boys who've made their way to central Texas says their live show is not to be missed.." (8/03)

"...If I can't have Willie Nelson singing ' Whiskey River ' to me, I'd want Yellowbelly to do it."
Temple Daily Telegram (2/03)

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